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Birthday Bargains

Birthday Freebies: Get FREE Ice Cream from DQ, Baskin Robbins, and Cold Stone Creamery

Welcome back to my series of posts about freebies and discounts you can get in Victoria on your birthday.*

Today’s advice, if you work the system, will net you THREE free servings of ice cream on your next birthday. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner! All you have to do is join the online Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club, the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club, and My Cold Stone Club.

You won’t have to wait until your birthday to sample the product, either. In addition to the free ice-cream coupon you’ll receive just before your birthday, each of the following businesses promise to send you a coupon to use now, just for signing up.

  • DQ Blizzard Fan Club (http://www.blizzardfanclub.com/join/), five Victoria locations; use the Store Locator tool to find the Dairy Queen nearest you. You’ll receive a coupon for a free Dairy Queen Blizzard treat on your birthday, and for joining the club, a buy-one get-one-free coupon to use immediately.
  • Baskin Robbins Birthday Club (https://www.baskinrobbins.com/bdayclub/RegisterInfo1.aspx), 3147 Douglas St, Victoria, BC. Before your special day, you’ll receive an e-mail coupon for a free 2.5-ounce birthday scoop, and another for a discount on a birthday cake. For joining the club, you’ll get an instant coupon now for a free ice cream.
  • Cold Stone Creamery (http://www.coldstonecreamery.com/), 3501 Ravine Way, Victoria, BC. The current website says the company will be launching its new My Cold Stone Club shortly. When the system is live, Cold Stone promises “you’ll receive a special treat for signing up and another one on your birthday.”

Sign up for all three clubs, and when you birthday rolls around, you won’t have to decide among chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. You can have it all, baby.

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*     *     *     *     *

* Please note: This post does not guarantee that the establishments listed above will have birthday offerings at the time of your next visit. To avoid disappointment, please call ahead to confirm any birthday specials.

* * * * *


7 comments to Birthday Freebies: Get FREE Ice Cream from DQ, Baskin Robbins, and Cold Stone Creamery

  • LOVE that you’re doing a Birthday feature on the site. But I was wondering, since it is Valentine’s day soon if you will be doing a Valentine’s day feature for restaurants in Victoria? I ask because I’m a student and so is Boyfriend and money is a bit tight, but we still want our first Valentine’s day together to be super special.

    Just a thought. Don’t need to act on it or anything. I’m only asking because I use your site ALL THE TIME and you think of fun new places that I’ve never heard of.



  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Vicki Patterson, ScrimporSplurge.ca. ScrimporSplurge.ca said: I scream. You scream. We all scream for FREE ice cream! Three free servings on your birthday. #yyj… http://fb.me/R38hqbQp […]

  • anitabean

    Thanks for your message. I’m planning to write about Valentine’s Day very soon, and I’ll do my best to include some budget dining options for you and your sweetheart. Thanks for you enthusiastic support of Scrimp or Splurge.

  • Marion

    hi just wondering how to get the free ice cream its my birthday today march 9,12

  • Hi Marion,
    To get your birthday freebies, just sign up to become a member of each club. I have provided the web links to each site in the post. You have to go to those sites register your name to get on their list for freebies.

  • William on the Coast

    Could you do a List of deals (& birthday freebies) from Locally Owned Small Businesses in Greater Victoria.
    I don’t want to sign up with any big corporations but would love to support local service providers.
    Thank you.
    Lots of Local Love!

  • Hi William,

    I love the idea, and I certainly support your enthusiasm for shopping local. Unfortunately, I don’t have the manpower to research a list of freebie deals at local shops. I write up the birthday bargains I find as I find them by chance, and so far, it has been mainly the chain stores making these kinds of offers.

    Thanks for writing!


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